The road so far...

Owner Kid Van Thienen closed the doors of well-known bar Kid's Kroegske in Herenthout in 1988. This was a bar well-loved with motorcycle lovers as musicians, and was at the height of its popularity when he sold it to explore new horizons. A month later, he opened Ragazzi, a club in Keerbergen during the height of techno and new beat.

At the same time, he owned a bar called 't Frommeltje in Berlaar. Both of these were alternative with lots of live music. After two and a halfyears, Kid sold the bar and left the club scene behind, taking his first steps to Antwerp. He moved his events agency, Kid Van Thienen Music there, and soon started organising all sorts of shows and events. On the weekends, he worked at the legendary Heartbreak café on the Suikerrui.

After two years in Antwerp, in 1995, there was the opportunity to open a blues bar of his own, on the Grand Place in the heart of Antwerp. The rest is history, as they say.